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May Featured Resource: Voicing our Vision results

This is an exciting time for Canada’s housing co‑ops. As more and more co‑ops finish their mortgages, and Canada develops a National Housing Strategy, our future is ours to shape. Last fall, members across Canada took part in an online consultation.

Now it’s time to discover what was said! This interactive Voicing our Vision website allows you to see all of the results grouped by themes and read more about the great ideas that were shared.

Share this at your co‑op. The conversation continues at the regional spring member forums and at the AGM. We need all of our voices as we move forward!


April Feature: Excellent Elections!

Time to gear up for elections in your co‑op? This short tip sheet will help get you started thinking about how to make your next election the best one yet (2015). Looking for resources to browse? This column is just for you! The monthly Featured Resources are either newer resources or ones being featured because of their usefulness. Resources could be a poster or brochure to post in your co‑op, or a video or presentation to use in a Board or Members' meeting.


February’s Featured Resource: Regional Diversity Grants brochure

We want to help your co‑op community promote and celebrate diversity. And, because we’re co‑ops, we want to share your ideas and projects with our members. February is the time to talk with fellow co‑op members. The brochure will help you discuss ideas. Together, you could develop a project for your co‑op community, or for your regional federation. CHF Canada is looking for projects that will benefit as many housing co‑ops as possible. Deadline to apply: March 31st.


December/January Feature: NEW RESOURCE! Model Environmental Sustainability Policy

December/January’s Featured Resource is new! Model Environmental Sustainability Policy: This model policy is shared as a word document. It then becomes a working document for your co‑op as you customize it to suit your co‑op’s needs.

The 2016 Greener Co‑op MicroGrant Program was a success! Seventeen co‑ops received grants that went to projects like: lighting (solar, interior LED); gardens (fruit trees, rain barrels, pollinator and community gardens); dual flush toilets and e-bike charging stations. Pictured: Faethorne Place greenhouse. We are now actively seeking other contributors to repeat the program in 2017.


Education Survey Completed!
Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the CHF Canada Education Survey this spring, we appreciate all your feedback and great ideas!


November Feature: NEW RESOURCE! LGBTQ Inclusive Co‑op Communities

November’s Featured Resource is new! LGBTQ Inclusive Co‑op Communities: This brochure shares some tips on how you can help your co‑op become a more inclusive community. Learn what LGBTQ stands for and how to support equal rights for LGBTQ communities by becoming an ally to ensure your co‑op is a safe space for everyone.


October Feature: NEW! GST/HST rebates: is your housing co‑op at risk of losing them?

Is your housing co‑op federally-funded? Do you know if your co‑op is at risk of losing these rebates? This new Bulletin- available in English and French- will help federally-funded co‑ops determine if and when you might lose your GST/HST rebates when your operating agreement ends.

Browse the monthly Featured Resource for documents, presentations or posters for your members, board and staff!


September Feature: Board Basics Demo

As a third of Canadians heads off to school each September, learning is in the air. Time for housing co‑ops to brush up on their skills.

Are you thinking of running for the Board? Returning to the Board? Any member can access the online Board Basics Demo. It’s full of short videos, audio recordings and slides and gives you a sneak peek at what to expect from the full online Board Basics course.

Our handy Online Board Basics course provides excellent training for new Board directors, and is a good refresher for directors who haven’t done training in a while. The full online course takes 5-8 hours to complete, but it can be done at your own pace. Information on registering for the Board Basics course can be found while viewing the Demo.

It’s a perfect time of year to get back to basics. Board Basics!


July/August Feature – NEW POSTER! Your Co‑op. Your Community. Your Home.

The Your Co‑op. Your Community. Your Home. poster (disponible en français) tells the story of housing co‑ops and our connection to the co‑op movement. Perfect for posting in your co‑ops’ common areas! Look for copies at the next education event in your region.


April Feature – Blueprint for a co‑operative decade: a co‑operative housing perspective

This Blueprint for a co‑operative decade looks at the larger Blueprint released by the International Co‑op Alliance for all co‑ops. It summarizes what is relevant for housing co‑ops.

This handy and easy-to-read resource is two pages, breaking down the five key elements to the Blueprint. It is an external resource from Co‑op Housing International.


March Feature – Model Organizational By-law and Guide for Ontario co ops

NEW! The Organizational By-law sets out the rules about how a housing co op is organized and run.

The model Occupancy and Organizational by-laws had not been updated for more than 20 years. Using the model by-laws to update your by-laws – it’s like hip replacement surgery for your co‑op. Everything works smoothly with a lot less creaking and moaning!

Sounds like a huge task, doesn’t it? No worries: the accompanying Guide takes you through each step of the process.


February Feature – Young Members Engagement Strategy

This resource helps co‑ops engage young people in leadership roles.

This is the time of year to take the lead and support your co‑op’s young members! CHF Canada’s Diversity Scholarship deadline is February 26. Check your regional federation for their scholarship opportunities and deadlines. Teens living in housing co‑ops (in most provinces) can also apply to attend week-long co‑op leadership camps in the summer. Share the Young Members Engagement Strategy with your co‑op and learn how you can help shape its long-term success. These opportunities are important first steps in engaging the future leaders of our sector!


December Feature – NEW! Where to turn: mental health services in your area

The holidays can be a time of turmoil and stress for people. Do you know how to access mental health support for yourself or for a co‑op member? Mental illness is an issue that affects housing co‑ops across Canada. Whether you are a co‑op manager, member or board member, This bilingual resource provides direct links to mental health services in your provinces or territory. A useful tool year-round, print this poster and place on bulletin boards or common areas.


November Feature: 10 things to look for in your co‑op’s financial statements

November is National Financial Literacy Month! Co‑op members can learn to understand a co‑op’s financial statements, which are the most important indicators of your co‑op’s financial health. This guide gives you an easy-to-follow introduction to financial statements. It describes 10 key things to watch for when reviewing your co op’s finances.


October Feature: Sizing up your future: co‑op housing and scale

Does size matter? In this short guide we consider how the size of housing co‑ops has an impact on success and we explore how co‑ops are finding new ways to work together to grow and strengthen as co‑op businesses and co‑op communities.


September Feature: How your co‑op is organized

This presentation is recommended for a members’ meeting.

Strong co‑op communities happen when your members are informed. Plan during the year to leave room on an agenda for member education. How your co‑op is organized explains a co op’s organizational structure and the roles of the groups in the structure.

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