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The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada
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Recent news from CHF Canada

CHF Canada makes Queen's Park deputation on Bill 7

NOV 29, 2016  Last night at Queen’s Park, CHF Canada Ontario Region gave its deputation on Bill 7, The Promoting Affordable Housing Act at the Standing Committee on Social Policy. The focus of the submission was on inclusionary zoning (IZ).

CHF Canada has advocated for inclusionary zoning for many years. It's an effective and low-cost tool municipalities can use to get affordable housing built in their communities.

Our principal recommendations:

  • Offsite development of the affordable housing units and money in lieu of affordable housing units are allowed at the discretion of the municipality where a net social benefit can be identified.
  • All reference to Section 37 of the Planning Act be removed.

Ontario Region Managing Director Harvey Cooper made the deputation and answered questions from the Committee MPPs. Said Cooper:

"We were very well received by MPPs from all 3 parties. There seems to be a good deal of support from both the Government and Opposition parties for the changes we are looking for in the IZ program."

For further information on our recommendations, please read the submission.

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