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Reimagine Your Co-op

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Every housing co‑op begins with a dream.

In the beginning, itís the dream of getting your co‑op off the ground, of creating an affordable, attractive and democratic community where people come first.

But your dreams donít end there. As your co‑op develops and matures, youíre constantly imagining how you can make it even better. At some point, for any housing co‑op, that means repairs, renovations and improvements. But that costs money.

CHF Canada and our credit union partners have found a way to make it happen. With CHF Canadaís Refinancing Program, your co‑op can:

  • Pay off your existing loan from CMHC (Section 95 and Section 61 program co‑ops are currently eligible)
  • Obtain new credit union financing, setting you up with a new first mortgage, usually maintaining the same monthly payment as your previous one.
  • Finance needed renovations and repairs.

Many co‑op have already taken advantage of this program, and CHF Canada can help you find out whether it will work for you. Every step of the way, CHF Canada will provide expertise and assistance to identify you co‑opís borrowing needs and work with a credit union to get the financing that is right for you.

Donít wait Ė start re-imagining your co‑op now! Contact our Refinancing Program Manager, Dave Howard at 1-800-268-2537 ext. 239 or